About Our Corporation 

RPA Group was formed in 2016 and was originally established as a pipeline service company of oil and gas industry, expanding later gradually its of activity and become a significant service or diverse for indonesian industrial, the petrochemical, power generator plant, the mining and marine industry, pulp and paper mills equipment as well. 
personel's completed related various with project good from recommendation customer, with our customer, with our customers extensive the highly experience proven equipment and specialized personnel, we are the ensure that all our customers received the best possible in the field.

Why Choose Us


We have the most experience and trained employees for industrial services workforce.


The Engineers and Supervisors are the employees with based in oil and gas industry expert


1. Zero Accident

2. Zero to Harm People

3. Zero Damage To The Environment

4. Zero Asset And Production Loss


We are very attentive to customer needs by keeping the supplies needed by the customer in order to avoid a reduction in quality and in accordance with demand

What Our Client Say's

RPA Group Owner


Dimas Wisramirantho

CEO & President Director